More oddments : GDPR & exhibition

Firstly re the GDPR law coming in to force on May 25 & originating in the EU :

I was alerted to the fact that it might affect blogs by EU citizens by this blogpost . Note particularly his reply to the 1st comment :

Since I do not sell from my blog nor do I own the website it seems unlikely that I am intended to be included in the new more stringent data protection regulations however it is worth saying that I do not see the email addresses of my followers or commenters . If they are visible on the old admin. page as nannus says then I undertake not to look – supposing I could find it ! So I cannot share or use the information and WordPress is responsible for storage . I hope all of you out there are satisfied with this and are happy to continue commenting & following .

Secondly I have an exhibition coming up at the end of June – the dates are not yet final . With the venue I will have to concentrate on 2d stuff so I hope my son will find time to do a few more of his nice frames for some of my large collection of drawings & collages – all as yet unshown . I also hope to complete another tile panel a bit like this one –

It would be a bit more complicated because I used the tiny amounts of test ash glazes to do it and there were far more than 3 as here . I may also have time to do another felt or two . I have some ideas……..


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7 Responses to More oddments : GDPR & exhibition

  1. Kathy Bergen says:

    Is this just for Europe? I have not heard of this but I often don’t look into communications from the CEO’s of Etsy. I do have an Etsy shop….and a facebook art page…and have addresses and emails from buyers…but do not use them for anything except to complete my sales. I do not have a blog.

    Incidentally, I love your tile piece…wonderful colors and design. I have never tried anything like this.

    • SonniQ says:

      You need to take a look asst the law. It does include you. WP also has a very easy widget to install that is a banner that shows at the bottom of blogs, but this law is not just for blogs. It is about website that collects any information from the people who go there. Definitely Etsy as you collect info to send merchandise, email addresses etc. It’s confusing, I know.

  2. rukshanaafia says:

    Yes it is for EU citizens (which we still are until April next year) . The problem is that many platform type sites like WordPress , LinkedIn etc. are US based but may have EU citizens using them and the question then is whose responsibility is it ?

  3. nannus says:

    I am off line for a (hopefully) short time to look into the matter. As far as I can see, most of the regulations do not apply to private bloggers, however, you might loose that status if you have a free blog where advertising from wordpress appears for your viewers. So maybe one should switch to one of the schemes where you pay something and they do not put adds. That makes the blog non-commercial and takes away most problems. One also has to look into the plug ins (some of which are automatically switched on). Some take individual-related information and send it somewhere else (e.g. for spam-protection). The use of Gravatars seems to be an instance as well. One has to write a data privacy statement explaining what individual-related information is collected or stored for what purpose. As long as you do not use your blog commercially, that should do. The authorities will not come behind us small bloggers anyway, the risk is lawyers who systematically look for sites with violations and then send you a call to order and charge money for it. I don’t know if this is possible in Britain but it is in Germany.

    • rukshanaafia says:

      This all useful information , thanks . My blog is free to me but adverts appear to be easily blocked via adblockers which many people have . Besides the ads do not have anything to do with me but only the platform . I do not see why my own Gravatar should be a problem and I only see others on their blogs . But I obviously know so little ! I have noticed that no other English blogger seems to be worried – yet .

  4. jhv57 says:

    Nice. What are the dimensions of the piece?

  5. rukshanaafia says:

    It’s about 1 metre diameter .

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