About Me

This is my cv which will give you an idea about me and my work : cv2017art-gen

For more details of where I am coming from as an artist you might like to see my MA dissertation : MA Rukshana Afia August 2003

MA exhibition

 There are also 2 essays which I did leading up to my MA written work  –Some Aspects of Figurative Art in the Islamic World 2000 & Contemporary Islamic Religious Art 2001 . I apologise for the lack of images in these – at the time I couldn’t integrate them into the essays ! One day I will add them somehow , I promise .

Linda Smith , the mosaic/digital photography artist did an online interview with me which you can find here .

More or less frivolous facts :

Favourites –

Movies include 7 Samurai , Orphee , La Marseillaise , Notorious , The Unforgiven…..

TV series include Dr Who ( original b & w ) , Star Trek , Buffy the Vampire Slayer , The Stranger ( Australian ) , Person of Interest …..

Books include The Lord of the Rings , Wuthering Heights , The Earthsea books , The Dark Tower , Gaudy Night , Pride & Prejudice….

Music ie Western orchestral includes Mozart , Messiaen , Ravel , Debussy , Xenakis & anything pre 1700

‘World’ music styles include fado , flamenco , rai & blues .

What most people mean by music (!) includes Johnny Cash , Bruce Springsteen , Joan Baez…..

My favourite drink is coffee – because I’m Muslim – and my favourite waste of time is clothes & all things related .


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