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Local exhibitions week – Part 4

Yesterday we went with a Quaker group on an afternoon trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park just outside Wakefield . This is always worthwhile because it is so huge . There are usually several special exhibitions in various buildings as … Continue reading

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Critical Reflection/Taking Stock/What The Hell Am I or Was I Doing ?

1  Where am I ? I’m 62 , living in Yorkshire , UK and call myself an artist . I do have a huge portfolio (see my ceramics , textiles and 2D pages) but have sold very little of anything … Continue reading

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Last of LCA pottery and an interesting exhibition locally

Last week my bowls were a bit too wet to turn properly – altho’ I tried – but would obviously not have been worth saving anyway . Unlike every other pottery class I have attended it is impossible to check … Continue reading

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Leeds College of Art end of year students’ exhibitions & some more pottery

I missed last week’s class from exhaustion but was early this week and accompanied by Habib so he came in to see some of the exhibits with me . The BA Visual Communication students were the most impressive . Habib … Continue reading

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More pottery – it’s the real thing

This week after 3 weeks of utter failure on the wheel – I don’t think I just had 3 bad days , I think I’ve lost it – I lugged a very heavy large press mould to the class . … Continue reading

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Pottery at last

There wasn’t a class last week because the tutor was ill – we will get an extra to make up . In the meantime my glazed pot was finally fired :            Apparently I don’t have … Continue reading

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Memory cloths and other unfinished business

I first came across memory cloths last year in Helen Klebesadel’s blogpost here about Leslee Nelson’s work itself inspired by a 2005 exhibition of South African women’s textile pieces ; and finally got round to starting work on machine embroidering … Continue reading

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