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Useful proposal criticisms ?

I have just completed my 4th draft proposal for a practice-led PhD and having been advised to show them to other people wondered if anyone had any useful criticisms ? Arranging things -4th draft word PS – what I am … Continue reading

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Local exhibitions week – Part 1

On Monday we went to Scarborough for the day and discovered that 2 places I had heard of – Crescent Arts & Scarborough Art Gallery were shut on Mondays . The other Arty place on The Crescent¬† – Woodend’s Art … Continue reading

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Critical Reflection/Taking Stock/What The Hell Am I or Was I Doing ?

1¬† Where am I ? I’m 62 , living in Yorkshire , UK and call myself an artist . I do have a huge portfolio (see my ceramics , textiles and 2D pages) but have sold very little of anything … Continue reading

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Felt : how I used to make it & will I again ?

How I made it 1 Materials My textiles file tells me that 1 sq m of felt requires 13g +/- 10% (because the moisture content varies so much) of wool in the form of fleece . This means it has … Continue reading

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Exhibition including 2 friends’ work

This was the exhibition of work by the first cohort of MA Creative Practice students from Leeds College of Art . Judging from talking to some , the written statements and a video on the LCA website it seems more … Continue reading

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3-4 exhibitions in Leeds

1 This was fairly small (in one room) but most interesting ; You can see that the Norfolk jacket above in the poster is really brown rather than grey , (it’s next to the striped blazer) . The exhibition emphasised … Continue reading

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Leeds College of Art end of year students’ exhibitions & some more pottery

I missed last week’s class from exhaustion but was early this week and accompanied by Habib so he came in to see some of the exhibits with me . The BA Visual Communication students were the most impressive . Habib … Continue reading

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