A visit to the Barbara Hepworth Gallery for a retrospective

They have a considerable collection of her work anyway but this exhibition gathered even more examples together ; alongside sketches , photographs and many quotations . There were also detailed explanations of the technical aspects which I always like to know about – to me there is more magic in knowing how something is done… Continue reading A visit to the Barbara Hepworth Gallery for a retrospective

2 dance companies

Phoenix Dance Co. are originally from Leeds and are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year . As part of the tour they performed at York Theatre Royal for 1 night . The above photo is from the opening piece which was exciting , energetic and very athletic . Some notes said it was about a… Continue reading 2 dance companies

Japanese woodblock prints (& some Gainsborough drawings)

I haven’t put in any of the Gainsborough drawings because , frankly they are not so striking and are largely of interest as journeyman/student pieces . They do show similarities between his favourite backgrounds for portraits and certain Dutch landscapes he would have had the opportunity of studying but I would have expected any painter… Continue reading Japanese woodblock prints (& some Gainsborough drawings)

At last !- opera again

This was our first at York Theatre Royal and it was Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” . Astonishingly it was an amateur production which I would have thought too difficult – especially for an adequate coloratura to sing the role of the Queen of the Night ! Actually she did very well in the second section… Continue reading At last !- opera again

Submission to York Open Studios completed !

Yes – once we were on to the weekend of the 17th & 18th October I thought it would stretch until the final date (23rd) ! My partner took the above ‘photo and also the 41 sec. video which was optional but strongly advised . You should be able to access it here – https://drive.protonmail.com/urls/6C849E36W4#BTGougJeIGBC… Continue reading Submission to York Open Studios completed !


Well I found my watercolour pencils but not the 2 tins of proper watercolour paints and my pads of expensive paper – definitely worth it for the much reduced puckering . (I know there is a special word but I can’t remember it – not doing watercolour all the time !) Furthermore I have succeeded… Continue reading News…..

Back again!

The above image is a previous photo of my ‘hijab series’ – I have been unable to upload a carefully put together montage of these pieces and some of my best felts because the composite image was in the wrong format . I should have checked before the laborious setup in ‘Pages’ . I have… Continue reading Back again!