Well I found my watercolour pencils but not the 2 tins of proper watercolour paints and my pads of expensive paper – definitely worth it for the much reduced puckering . (I know there is a special word but I can’t remember it – not doing watercolour all the time !) Furthermore I have succeeded… Continue reading News…..

Back again!

The above image is a previous photo of my ‘hijab series’ – I have been unable to upload a carefully put together montage of these pieces and some of my best felts because the composite image was in the wrong format . I should have checked before the laborious setup in ‘Pages’ . I have… Continue reading Back again!

The next felt 1.

I had lots of ideas for more felts (spring flowers , pink arabesques on grey , sun colours , another go at pearls or mother of ) so first of all I tried to find something to make which needed no new colours . The idea was to keep me busy until the next order… Continue reading The next felt 1.

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Return to felting : Part 3

  Here are the 2 slightly wonky half circles on Black Welsh fleece – one of my all time favourites .   Cut up and rearranged we have another oval . I plan to do some embroidery on this and finish off with some acute-angled triangles of red silk . This is the piece inspired… Continue reading Return to felting : Part 3

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Return to felting : Part 2

   This is the previous felt cut up and re-pieced together to make a fairly even oval rather than a very uneven circle . This now needs to be stitched together (on the back) and then appliquéd and embroidered on the front before putting on a protective lining for the stitchery at the back .… Continue reading Return to felting : Part 2

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OK I haven’t used it yet but here are some pix .     Some of the quoted measurements don’t seem quite right according to mine but I can reach in to the bottom without falling over so that is ok . I still have to do a 1st firing before firing work . Because… Continue reading Kiln

Exhibitions – home and abroad

There was a National Gallery touring exhibition in York earlier this year featuring Poussin’s “The Triumph of Pan” (1636) along with various other works to show his influence on & by other artists . Poussin isn’t my cup of tea exactly but at least I learned that he was 17C and not 18C , also… Continue reading Exhibitions – home and abroad